About Us


Deaf Sports New Zealand (DSNZ) is the national sports organization for Deaf and hard of hearing athletes in New Zealand. It was established in 1963 to promote and develop sports opportunities for the Deaf community, and to represent New Zealand in international Deaf sports competitions.

Deaf Sports plays an important role in Deaf and New Zealand Sign Language community, providing a focal point for Deaf and hard of hearing people, Deaf children and their families to gather, interact and partake in Deaf culture.

DSNZ is the only national organisation overseeing Deaf Sports in New Zealand. The organisation is an affiliated member of International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD formerly CISS) and has several Associate Members being National Deaf Sport Associations, which host their own Open Championship events.

DSNZ also works to raise awareness about deaf sports and to advocate for the inclusion of Deaf athletes in mainstream sports.

One of the most significant events partake by DSNZ is the Deaflympics, which is the world’s second oldest multi-sport event after the Olympics. The Deaflympics is an international competition for deaf and hard of hearing athletes. DSNZ also participates in other international events such as the World Deaf Championships, the Asia Pacific Deaf Games and Australian Deaf Games.


Overall, DSNZ plays an important role in promoting the development and inclusion of deaf athletes in New Zealand, and in providing opportunities for them to compete at the highest level of international sport.