Australia Deaf Games

The Australian Deaf Games (ADG) is a multi-sport event that provides an opportunity for deaf and hard of hearing athletes to compete at a national level. The games are held every two years and feature a range of sports, including athletics, basketball, football (soccer), netball, and swimming, among others.

The ADG is organized by Deaf Sports Australia (DSA), the national governing body for deaf sports in Australia. The event brings together athletes from across Australia, providing them with the opportunity to socialize, compete, and showcase their talents.

The ADG has been held since 1964 and is one of the largest multi-sport events for deaf and hard of hearing athletes in Australia. The games aim to promote the development of deaf sports and to raise awareness of the capabilities of deaf and hard of hearing athletes.

Whilst sport is clearly core, the Australian Deaf Games also constitutes a major social and cultural festival for the whole Deaf community. It provides a unique blend of social activities matched with a vast list of sporting events that together cater for a diversity of Deaf community needs.

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